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Seamlessly use different operating systems at the same time with VMware Player


Allows you to create virtual machines on your computer to run other operating systems at the same time

Easy to use and configure


Takes up lots of space

With VMware Player you can create a virtual PC inside your computer so you can have more than one operating system running at a time, and switch between one or another without having to reboot. You can create, execute and evaluate different operating systems and applications in a virtual machine, as a guest of each specific operating system, while using Linux as the host operating system.

Create and execute virtual machines

Thanks to VMware Player’s intuitive and simple interface, you can easily create a virtual machine from scratch. The software has a wizard that guides you and helps you with the entire process, from the creation of the virtual machine,to the installation, configuration and operation of the desired operating system.

From the Home menu, you also  have the option to open an existing virtual machine to use, or download others that have been created and pre-configured by VMware Workstation, VMware Server and VMware Fusion, among others.

Using external peripherals

VMware Player also lets you use external devices and peripherals such as USB drives or printers, without installing drivers. Simply connect the device and start using it, so that, in the case of print for example, you can print any document, sending it from the virtual operating system to the printer you have previously connected.


VMware Player, now known as VMware Workstation Player, is a program that allows you to easily switch from one operating system to another without restarting your computer.


Using multiple operating systems simultaneously
Compatibility with many operating systems
Simple and intuitive interface

VMware Player