Linux Customize your PC

Set up the Ubuntu desktop quickly and easily


Large number of options to customize and configure the Ubuntu desktop

Easy to use for all users


No longer receiving support or updates

With Ubuntu Tweak, you can quickly and easily set up the basics of the Ubuntu desktop. Given its ease of use, it’s suitable for users of all experience levels.

Configuration and personalization

Upon opening the program, you’ll see different tabs, each with its own options:

Summary: In the first tab that you see by default, you can check the most basic information about your computer’ hardware and basic information on the Ubuntu desktop. It also alerts you if you need to clean cache to make room on the hard drive.  It also notifies you on whether the system is fully updated, or if an update is available.

Apps: In this tab you can see a list of all the programs available for you to quickly and easily install. Simply click on one of them to start installation (you must have administrator permissions). You can search a full list of all available programs, organized into different categories. 

Settings: Here, you can perform various cosmetic changes: change the theme and sounds; the font, desktop icons and wallpaper; you’ll also find login configurations, information about Unity, and a file manager.

Administration: A tab where you can use a quick lists editor and a file types manager, plus different templates and scripts.

Cleaner: In the last tab, you can clean cache from different browsers, the system itself, and any old or redundant packages.


Ubuntu Tweak is a program that helps you configure and customize the Ubuntu desktop, quickly and easily.


Tools to customize the Ubuntu desktop
Cache Cleaning
System update information
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