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A chat client to manage all your social networks


Support various social networks

Easy to use


WhatsApp not included

Installation a bit cumbersome

Trillian is a chat client that helps you communicate with your friends and contacts via a single application. So you can chat with friend svia all the different services you like to use, without having to open multiple programs on your computer. The program integrates various messaging services like MySpace, Email, Hangouts, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo and IRC, allowing you to manage your social network messaging from a single interface, at the same time.

There’s a free version with ads, an annual subscription pack, and an unlimited plan to choose from. The paid versions include extra options like a web interface and a large collection of themes.

What can you do with Trillian?

With Trillian you can send messages, create groups, share files and, of course, manage video conference calls. To start using it, you must create your account and then add the accounts and passwords for each of the platforms you want to integrate.

With Trillian, you not only have the ability to chat with friends and family, but you can also check your mail and manage the latest goings on from your social networks. Notifications serve to keep you up on what is happening, but you can turn them off at any time. You can check your message history and install plugins to protect your conversations with end to end encryption too. Trillian also lets you sync your chats between your Linux computer and your mobile device.

Great usability

Despite all the networks and platforms included, Trillian isn’t at all chaotic, and makes communication quicker and more fluid. Moving from one tab to another is super quick and easy.
FYI, the quirky name comes from the Douglas Adams novel, A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy,


Chat with all of your friends across various social networks and services,  from one unique platform.


Many networks: Skype, Hangouts, Facebook ...
Chat from a single platform
Chat and social network management
Several versions available