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Surf the net anonymously with Tor browser


It offers a high level of protection when surfing the web


The network through which the browser connects can be somewhat slow

Tor Browser lets you surf anonymously through web pages, without the possibility of any entity tracing your movements, thereby ensuring your privacy and data protection.

Install it and take it with you

The browser can be installed in the computer you use regularly, or you can save it to a USB drive, so you can use it on any computer you connect with.

Easy to use

When you start the browser, it includes a default configuration that allows you to access any website safely, as long as the network doesn't have any blocks. Save navigation, from the moment you connect.

In the case of a proxy that blocks access, the browser offers advanced configuration options so you can access the websites without problems.

Navigate without a trace

Once you have finished using the browser, as soon as you close a window or the whole browser, Tor removes all traces of where you've browsed, with no option to store or preserve browser history or cookies.


Tor Project is a platform which specializes in anonymous browsing and protecting user data and privacy, using the Tor Browser.


Simple installation and configuration
Security and anonymity
Can be installed or used portably

Tor Browser