Linux Audio

An all-weather music player


All your musical connections in one place

Elegant design



Not as successful as other services

The search engine doesn’t always work well

Tomahawk is a music player that integrates all of your music services and other platforms, and brings them together with all of the music saved to your computer’s library.

Once synchronized, you can listen to your favorite songs instantly, and the program also searches for tracks on other platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp, which have public APIs (not available with Rdio and Slacker, for example).

How does it work, exactly?

With Tomahawk, you don’t share or send songs themselves, rather the metadata for a particular song, and the program searches all external services to find the track and play it from the best source.

The problem with Tomahawk is that the search results will not always be as accurate as you’d like them to be, which somewhat lets it down.

Social features

Of course, Tomahawk is incredibly social software that allows us to connect with our friends, explore their recommendations, and share tracks we love with them. This is an essential feature when it comes to discovering new music.

Overall, Tomahawk is a great idea and great for dipping into your favorite music tracks whenever you want to hear them, and for discovering new sounds. The search feature could definitely use some work, though.


Tomahawk is the best application for finding music, wherever you are.


Connect with other streaming services
Play local music
Social features