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Easily recover your lost partitions and data


Very useful and easy to use for both beginners and advanced users


Although open to everyone, advanceds user will likely better understand how it works and will get more out of it.

TestDisk was initially developed for Windows, but is now available for Linux too. But you must bear in mind that to use it on Linux, you must have administrator permissions.

With this program, you can recover entire partitions that have been deleted or simply recover data that has been lost.

How does it work?

When something is accidentally deleted, either by human error or because of a virus, TestDisk corrects errors within the damaged partition table, or recovers the entire partition if it is has disappeared entirely. The program can also fix boot disks that have stopped working.

Interface and file systems

The TestDisk interface consists of a simple text window, which is quite easy to understand for more experienced users in the field. Once you make your way through the various steps and testing processes, the program will detect any file or partition that can be recovered.

In the context of Linux, TestDisk is able to detect and work with different file systems and volume managers, including Linux ext2, ext3 and ext4; Linux RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5 and RAID 6; and Linux SWAP; LVM and LVM2, among others.


TestDisk can help you recover deleted partitions, repair damaged data in partition tables, and recover lost data.


It allows you to recover deleted partitions
Repairs damaged partition tables
Recovers lost files
Works with a number of file systems and volume managers