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Having a publisher is simply essential for any programmer or markup user. Sublime is seemingly simple software that is easy to use but that also includes many useful tools. This is a program that works at high speed and with an ever increasing number of tools and features. You can also use it to write your personal texts (though you won’t get the most out of it if you use it just for that).

GoTo Anything

Uses this system (Ctrl + P) to find your files and search specific sections of the document. Move smoothly through each element and increase your productivity with simple keyboard shortcuts. This system also lets you switch from one project to another without having to worry about clicking "save" every time.

Sublime allows you to select multiple items at the same time to make changes more quickly and efficiently. If, however, you want to edit with the split screen, the program also gives you multiple views of a single file.


Sublime is a fully customizable program: macros, menus, snippets ... It is flexible and with lots of configuration options for your needs.

Thanks to the "Package Control", you can easily find and install plugins in less than two minutes, and without leaving the editor.

Zero distractions

Concentration is vital when coding. And with Sublime’s ‘no distractions’ mode, you can work in fullscreen on nothing else but text. Of course, this view is configurable and you can pick the items you want to be seen.


Sublime is a code and text editor with a great interface that is perfect for programmers.


Full customization
GoTo Anything
Package Control