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All Skype features available for Linux distributions

Free calls between Skype users


Apart from some minor security tweaks, no updates released for some time

Interface visually poor

Skype is the famous Microsoft messaging service, used by millions of users around the world to communicate via video calls and chat. With this version for the Linux environment, you can enjoy all of Skype’s great features. Sign in with your Skype account, create a new one with your Microsoft account, or use your Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail account.

Which Linux distributions is Skype available for?

Skype is currently available for Dynamic, Fedora and OpenSUSE (the last 2, only for the 32-bit version). It’s also available for Ubuntu for both the 32-bit version and Multiarch. For Debian, it is also available in Multiarch version.

Chats, calls, text messages, and much more

With Skype you can talk with your friends, family or co-workers no matter where they are. You can use the conventional chat for instant messages, or make both voice and video calls. Call quality is usually great, but depends on your Internet connection.

Video and voice calls are free to other Skype users. You can also make calls to regular phones or send text messages at a very low cost; for this option, you’ll need to buy Skype credit.

Setup and features

Skype for Linux has almost all of the same configuration options as the version for Windows, and its interface is simple and intuitive. Among the many options are the ability to block callers, or permit only authorized callers to contact you, plus leave voice messages, share your computer screen with contacts, and send contacts to other users.


Make video calls and send messages with the ever popular messaging service, available for Linux distributions.


Compatible with various Linux distributions
Instant messaging
Video calls
Free calls between Skype users
Low cost calls to conventional phones