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Screen capture is an essential action we've all used at some point in our lives. Sometimes you might want to save a picture that can’t be saved from the web, or maybe you want to capture a particular image from a video you are playing.

With Shutter you can capture any area of your screen and apply effects to the image and highlight particular sections. You screen capture is fully customizable and you can easily trim the area you want to show. If you are using multiple devices, Shutter lets you capture the section that interests you most and also lets you make a screenshot of drop-down menus, since the program uses a timer to take the picture.

Screen capture editing

Sometimes you need to tweaks and changes to an image before sending it or uploading it to the Internet, especially if it's to be used in a tutorial, where you need to highlight or point to certain areas of the screen.

Instead of having to open the capture with another program, Shutter has a built in editing features, so you can modify, crop and add elements like arrows, text, rectangles or circles, and can also add pixelation to blur out information you’d rather not show. 

Finally, as an added bonus, the program includes a number of plugins to add effects to the screenshots, just in case you want to take a step further when customizing images and provide a unique touch.


Shutter makes sharing your capture easy by introducing the option to upload the screenshot to any forum or site directly.


A program that helps you capture screenshot stills of any element that appears on your screen.


Built-in editor
Direct upload to Internet
Customizable captures