Linux Video

A unique, open source video editor



Full and free

Large collection of extras


Program sometimes crashes without warning

Pitivi is a video editor with an original and modern perspective, unlike other similar programs. Thanks to its open source technology (and in adherence to GNOME guidelines), the software is free for everyone and presents a usable interface for both novice users and professionals. An extremely detailed audio and image editor, it allows you to control and  balance any aspect related to audio and video quality.

Pitivi lets you express your creativity freely, no matter the frame rate of a video. You can use any footage you want, without limitations.

In addition, it’s available in several languages and you can request yours be added if it's not available already. Pitivi features an intuitive interface with an extensive tutorial to help you use it to its fullest.

Effects and extras

The program contains more than 70 transitions and audio and video effects to customize your videos as you wish. Pitivi also includes other options to help control and speed up the editing process, such as previews, zooming, fluid scrolling, etc.

Auto backup

You no longer have to worry about hitting the save button every ten minutes. Pitivi ensures that your projects are always safe with an auto save function so you won’t lose any of your work.


The perfect video editor for novices and professionals alike.


Unlimited tracks
Auto backup
Preview within the program
Maximum precision