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All your instant messaging chats in one place


Lets you use various instant messaging services at once

Free extensions


Lets you use various instant messaging services at once

Free extensions

Pidgin is very simple to use, with a simple interface where you see all your contacts and chats from the different messaging services you use. Talk to your contacts one-to-one, or join group chats.

Getting setup can be a bit complex, but there is a wizard that guides you, step by step. Once configured, you can add as many accounts as you want. No need to import contact lists, they’re automatically added for you.

What chat services can you use with Pidgin?

Available services include AIM, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, ICQ, IRC, Yahoo and Yahoo Japan, Gadu-Gadu. Bonjour, GroupWise, Lotus Sametime, SILC and SIMPLE. It also includes support for other chats via different free plugins.

Features and extensions

Pidgin offers many of the features included in the chat services it supports: you can send and receive files, use icons and emojis, and customize auto-reply messages and notifications. E.g, if you’re using several different chats, you can set notifications separately for each of them.

Pidgin is complemented by a large number of completely free extensions that can enhance your experience even further.

Buddy Pounce

Buddy Pounce is a really interesting Pidgin feature, with which you can set notifications, send a message, play a sound, or start a program when a contact connects or disconnects, or returns from being absent.
Pidgin is open source software, so you can tweak it to make it work for you, then share your changes with others so they can benefit from your genius.


Pidgin is a useful program that lets you use multiple accounts instant messaging services at once, and all in one place.


Use different instant messaging services simultaneously
No ads or spyware
Frequent updates