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An open source file compressor


Can decompress (almost) anything

Easy and simple


Performance issues

PeaZip is a free file compressor with technology based on well known software like 7-Zip and FreeArc. The program doesn’t include ads, keeps your privacy safe and secure, and is available in multiple languages.

What can you do with PeaZip?

Like any self-respecting compressor, PeaZip serves to compress large files you might want to send via the Internet or upload to a website. The program can also be used in reverse, i.e to decompress files that have been received or downloaded. With PeaZip, you can also save compression and decompression settings and schedule batches to save you bags of time later.

The main virtue of PeaZip is that it supports more than 180 formats including include: ZIP, TR, PEA, DMG, GZ, 7Z... So, it's highly likely that the file you want to decompress will be supported. As an added bonus, you can also password-protect files.

Interface design

PeaZip interface is definitely better than that of competitor programs, with a clear and clean design and great usability. It may not be as fast as other similar software, but PeaZip is easy to use and not at all chaotic.

File management

Besides its basic features, PeaZip also functions as a file manager, helping you to better organize your files and find any that you need on your computer. What options are included? Search, bookmarks, thumbnail view, duplicate search, file conversion, to name but a few.


PeaZip is the alternative to traditional file compressors that supports almost 200 formats


Supports almost 200 formats
Password protection
Functions as a file manager too
Batch programming