Linux Internet

Enjoy the ever popular browser on your Linux


Linux version of the browser, lighter and safer



It may be somewhat slower than other browsers

The Opera browser has been updated, with a lighter, safer and faster version for Linux. The browser directly blocks as your browse, without the need for extensions or plugins. It also includes protection against malware, privacy when connecting to public Wi-Fi, and incognito windows.

If you use Opera on your laptop computer, you have the option to save battery consumption by up to 50%.


Opera has a large number of extensions and themes, with which you can customize the look of the browser. You can also customize shortcuts to your favorite web pages, and set a news channel on the home page with current topics that interest you.


If you have an Opera account, sign in via the browser to sync all your data: open tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords. So if you use the browser on multiple devices and you are logged in all of them, you can resume browsing from where you left off without losing any data.

Performs several tasks at once

The browser has a pop-up option, so you can open a window to see a video or always have a particular web page open and at hand, whilst you carry on getting on with other things.


Browse the Internet using the Opera browser in its version for Linux.


Sync across all your devices
Blocks ads without extensions
Navigate safely and securely
Popups always visible
Customizable appearance