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Easily manage your email accounts


Use multiple email accounts at once

Multiple emailing tools


Doesn’t include a to-do list or a native calendar

With Thunderbird you can manage all of your email accounts  more easily, create new ones, and handle several services at the same time. Easy to set up and features many emailing tools.

Setup wizard and customization

Thunderbird includes an installation wizard for initial setup of your email: Enter your name or username, email address and password, and the wizard will check the database to locate email configuration settings.

You can customize your email address with the name that you want: it’s as simple as creating a new email address through Thunderbird.

Everything you can do with Thunderbird

The program has a ton of different tools to help you manage your e-mails. Highlights include:

-One-click address book: Add people to your mailing list quickly and easily by clicking the star-shaped icon that appears in received messages. A double click allows you to add extra information such as a photo, birthday, contact details, etc.

-Attachment reminders: If you include the word ‘attachment’ or similar in the body of an email, the program will detect it and remind you to attach files so you don’t forget before sending.

-Tabbed email: Open emails in different tabs, so you can go from one to another faster. Just double click or hit Enter on a message to open it in a new tab. If you close the program, the tabs are saved and restored when you open the program again.

-Search: Search for anything, with the option to choose your own search engine provider. You can also highlight words in an email and, by right clicking, use the search function to find those terms.

-Smart folders:  lets you manage multiple email accounts by combining folders like inbox, sent emails, and drafts. So, instead of having to go to the inbox of each of separate email account, you can see them all in one place.

Security and updates

The program has several security features to protect your emails, and an anti spam filter to reject any unwanted email. Updates come in regularly and automatically: when it detects that a new version is available, the update is launched automatically.


Manage all of your email accounts with Thunderbird.


Use multiple email accounts
Easy to set up and customize with themes and "skins"
Spam filter
Automatic Updates

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