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The complete office suite for GNU / Linux


Different office tools and support for many file formats


Some issues with .PNG files

With LibreOffice you can use different tools for all areas of your work. It has a simple and intuitive interface, which is quick to start up and performs smoothly.

Supported file types

LibreOffice has support for a large number of file formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as the .odf format (Open Document), PowerPoint files in .TXT, .RTF and .xml format. It also includes the option to export the files to .SWF and .PDF formats.

What does LibreOffice include?

This software has several tools depending on your needs:

Writer: The word processor with all the text editing options. It also has a dictionary and autocomplete words function.
Impress: The presentation editor with different editing modes and perfect integration with OpenGL.
Draw: The application for charts and diagrams. You can create anything from a sketch to organizational charts, network diagrams, flowcharts, etc. It includes the option to create a photo album using images and photographs.
Calc: The spreadsheet package. Easy to use for novice users, and with advanced tools for more experienced users.
Math: The mathematical formulas editor. It can be used as a standalone tool, or incorporated directly into any of the other tools.
Base: The database manager . With support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS Access. Uses the HSQL engine by default. Easy to learn and use.

Each of the tools has been optimized and has a clear interface with simple menus for maximum control.

The software includes the option to install extensions, which provide the means to obtain default templates and extra features, for example, you can install templates that perform certain tasks automatically, a huge time-saving tool.


LibreOffice is a complete, open code office tools  suite, for use with GNU / Linux.


Text editing, spreadsheets, charts and diagrams
Ability to add templates
Compatible with many formats