Linux Internet

Browse your directories, surf the web, view files: do everything with Konqueror


Multi-purpose, and oh-so flexible.


Other alternatives have turned users away.

Konqueror is a program that falls into many categories simultaneously. Partly because it serves as a file scanner. as well as to surf the Internet, but also because it’s almost obsolete. Early adopters have stayed faithful, though.

Surf, explore, and conquer

The story of Konqueror’s name is pretty well known: "First came the Navigator, then Explorer, now it’s the turn of the Konqueror", a fun take on the most popular browsers of the mid-90s (Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, and Konqueror). The main weapon in Konqueror’s artillery was its powerful  KHTML navigation engine.

Konqueror supports Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, which puts it in the race with the other big browsers in the market.

On your Linux

Konqueror is more than a browser: it is a file explorer for Windows, able to handle ZIP files and preview images, documents and more. It supports FTP and SFTP, which avoids the need for an external application to manage content on a server. Konqueror also supports extraction of audio tracks from CDs.
Konqueror still has things to offer, although the default file manager for KDE is Dolphin these days.


Konqueror has fallen somewhat into disuse, but still remains one of the key programs for maximizing the KDE environment.


File Explorer and Internet browser
Supports add-ons
Uses KHTML and Webkit engines
Compatible with FTP and SFTP connections
Manage ZIP files
Able to preview documents, photos, and more