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Kile, a tool for creating and editing LaTeX in KDE


Many functions that speed up text creation in LaTeX, increasing productivity.


It’s not WYSIWYG, and neither does it have a real-time preview, but that probably won’t put off most LaTeX users.

Kile has become one of the most used tools for viewing and editing documents in LaTeX. On the one hand, this is because it is a specific tool, created to deal with such a specific language as LaTeX; on the other, because you need only have the KDE libraries installed to use it, which can easily be done from Linux, Windows or Mac.

For LaTeX only

Undoubtedly the biggest point in Kile’s favor is that is exclusively designed for viewing, creating, compiling, editing, or converting LaTeX documents. Kile has the ability to autofill typical LaTeX commands, and provides different panels to insert symbols.

As if by magic

With a language as specific as LaTeX, Kile carries out the invaluable function of reducing the number of errors that can occur when writing. It can quickly gather up documents belonging to the same project too, making it much quicker to add references and citations later. With Kile, you can compile and order documents ready for publication, far superior to anything you could do with a plain text editor.

The program isn’t without its little quirks, of course. For example, Kile has a tool for previewing sections of a document, but not to for viewing changes in real time.

And although you can’t customize menus, Kile allows you to configure certain advanced options to get the result you want from your documents.


Kile is more than a tool: it sets the bar for writing text in LaTeX with KDE.


LaTeX editor for KDE
Creates, compiles and converts documents
Great visualization tool
Autocomplete commands and insert symbols
Gathers documents belonging to the same project
Easily insert citations and references