Linux Development & Programming

A complete multi-document editor


Powerful editor that allows you to work with multiple files and documents at the same time


Some plugins can be difficult to locate

With Kate you can perform a number of different functions: view HTML sources, edit the configuration of files, write new codes for applications, or indeed any task related to text editing.

The program supports different coding formats: ASCII, utf-8 and utf-16, Unicode, FTP, HTTP and SSH, among others. It also allows you to install different plugins for file replacement, plug-SQL and GDB, and many others.

Split the screen and work simultaneously

The programs windows split into two, both vertically and horizontally, so you can work even more efficiently and effectively. You can also see many examples of the same file and sync between all the ones you have open. Besides viewing files at the same time, you can also simultaneously edit them too.

Built in search function

Thanks to the search system, you can easily find and replace words, whether the files are open, or simply saved on your hard drive.

You can place a search window above each file you have open and type a word or phrase, and using filters to narrow your search, the program displays a list of any document on your hard disk that contains the information you are looking for; even if you don’t have the file open, you have the option to open it from that list.


Kate is a document editor that allows you to work with multiple files simultaneously, and configure


Work with multiple files at once
A large number of plugins
Coding support for utf-8, utf-16, ASCII
Support for FTP, HTTP, SSH