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K3b, the perfect CD, DVD and Blu-Ray burning suite for your Linux


Not over-complicated with convoluted functions: K3b has everything you need.


Very sporadic updates.

"KDE Burn, Baby, Burn": that’s essentially the essence of K3b, a program dedicated to creating projects on CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray, i.e. "burning a disk." K3b functions as a graphical interface with which Linux users can easily burn to - or extract content from - optical disks.

Simple interface

Undoubtedly, K3b faces a fundamental problem: optical disks are increasingly obsolete. A few years ago, everything was done via CD, from backing up information, to piracy. But times have changed and the Internet is at the center of everything these days.

That said, K3b still offers good suite of tools, which is more than sufficient for performing the most important tasks. In fact, the most important options appear at the bottom of the K3b interface: "New Data Project", "New Audio Project " and "Copy”. An additional set of options are available at the top.

K3b functions

If you use KDE as your desktop Linux distribution, it’s likely you have K3b installed by default. From version 2.0, K3b has support for Blu-ray, with little innovation thereafter.

Still, K3b is one of the best tools for creating data, video, and audio discs on Linux: just indicate the project you want to create, the hardware you want to use (CD, DVD, or Blu-ray), then starting dragging files into the interface. When you have your project ready, you burn it, baby. Simple.

The difference with K3b is that it supports mixed media (audio and data CDs, for example), which allows formatting rewritable media that is able to perform several burning sessions on the same disc, and allows you to save a project to use or to continue adding to it later.

With K3b it is also possible to extract disk contents. This is particularly useful at audio level, since it can convert tracks to SoX (Sound eXchange) supported formats: MP3, OGG, FLAC and others.


Though we’re tending to use optical disks less and less these days, K3b is still one of the best choices you can find to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays on Linux.


Create video, audio, and data discs
Clear and easy to understand interface
Extract content
Save and manage projects
Supports multi-sessions and CD-RW and DVD-RW formatting