Linux Internet

Browse safely and quickly with the help of the world’s most famous search engine


Safe navigation with protection against malware and other malicious software

Use multiple tabs, including incognito

Easy to use


Though it receives frequent optimization updates, it still uses quite a lot of space

The Chrome browser is now available for Linux, with all of your favorite navigation features, customization, speed and safety. It has protection against spyware and all kinds of malware, plus extra protection for your data when browsing.


-PDF: Chrome includes a PDF viewer that lets you view PDF files without extensions or programs. They can also be saved to your computer or printed.
-Autocomplete: With Chrome you can use the auto-complete option to fill in form fields more quickly.
-Incognito mode: Open incognito tabs so that browsing history and downloads, passwords and cookies are not stored.


Chrome is very customizable: it includes a large number of themes to change the look of the browser, as well as different applications and extensions. Your open tabs can be moved, dragged and dropped to arrange them how you want them. You can also create access to your favorite pages using bookmarks and home pages. All customizations are synced with other devices you use.


Chrome stands out for its navigation bar, which is also doubles as a search engine. Here you can enter a web address or just search for anything. When you search for words, Chrome offers up suggestions for related words or phrases. It also includes auto-complete, saving you typing time.

The Tab key

You can use the Tab key to speed up some searches on some websites. Simply types a web address (YouTube, say) and press the Tab key, and the Chrome navigation bar will automatically become the YouTube search engine, so you can search  for a video directly from there, without having to enter the site.


One of the world’s most well-known and trusted browsers for Linux.


Fast navigation
Auto-complete form fields
Sync on all devices

Google Chrome