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Everything you do on the computer, faster and closer, with GNOME Do


A kind of "remote control" for all your applications, since it lets you perform tasks in programs that you’re not even using at the time.


As a management tool, it’s very efficient and increases productivity, but has its own logic (which you first have to adapt to).

GNOME Do is an intelligent applications launcher. Unlike other launcher that deal in simply running programs, GNOME Do allows you to complete tasks with said apps too. No need to open Rhythmbox to hunt out a song you want to listen to e.g,; GNOME Do will search and play straight from the program for you.

Linux, quicker and more simple

GNOME Do can really help personalize your digital experience and increase your productivity by removing all the steps you’d normally have to take to launch apps and complete tasks within them.

Once you install GNOME Do, it’s just a matter of pressing SUPER + Space to start typing and telling the program what you want it to do. Clarification: the Linux  SUPER key usually has the Windows logo on Windows keyboards, while on Mac, it’s the "Command" key (good to know when running Ubuntu on a virtual machine, for example). Then, examples abound: you can send an email or a tweet, search the Internet, visit a website, launch a program, play songs and videos, scan the hard disk for files, and much, much more. Most actions can be carried out in 2 or 3 clicks.


GNOME Do is all about the plugins, which are responsible for carrying out the tasks you ask the program to perform. When you launch Gnome Do (SUPER + Spacebar key, remember), the program interface displays an arrow at the top right, from which you can access all of your GNOME Do preferences.

Try not to get carried away: the likelihood is that you’ll only need a handful of plugins to really help improve your productivity


In a matter of a couple of clicks, GNOME Do allows you to do anything on your computer: launch a program, send an email, update Twitter, and anything else you can think of.


Launch programs and tasks
Simple interface
Fast, almost everything is done via your keyboard
Compatible with countless applications
Increases productivity