Linux Development & Programming

The default text editor for GNOME


Very simple text editor to use, both for basic texts and programming


May not be able to open all text formats

With Gedit you can edit all kinds of texts, from conventional texts to source codes and programming languages. This software supports UTF-8.

All kinds of editing

With Gedit you can edit text with the kinds of basic tools featured in most editors (cut, copy, paste, print, etc.). The program is compatible with most text format files.

It’s also possible to edit source code, structured texts, and different programming languages (Java, HTML, C, C ++, Python and XML, among others) too.

Other features

Gedit includes syntax highlighting of the current line or color for programming languages; line numbering; file backup; a spell checker for many languages; remote editing of files via the GVFS library; a search and replace text function; and the use of multiple tabs within its interface for editing multiple files at once, among other features.

Manual and more plugins

Although Gedit already has a good number of plugins, you can purchase more for extra features and editing tools.

In case you need help with any of the tools, the program offers a complete online manual to help you learn how to use the editor to its fullest.


Gedit is a default  text editor for GNOME with multitude of features for editing text.


Basic text editing tools
Edit source code and programming languages
Highlight text
Compatible with UTF-8
Compatible with most text files
Edit files remotely