Linux Development & Programming

A simple code editor for Linux


Simple and intuitive

Easy to use and accessible


There are more comprehensive competing products on the market

Geany is an IDE program for Linux systems with an easy to use interface. Just open a file, select the language, and start to work on your coding. It’s a pretty intuitive program that includes all of those elements that any programmer would consider necessary when it came to writing code.

For instance, Geany always shows the number of lines and the brackets close automatically. Some of the compatible languages are: C, C++, C#, LaTeX, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, HTML, Javascript, Haskell, and so on.

The installation process doesn’t take too much time, although there are some special requirements: GTK library, Pango, Glib and ATK, and C/C++ compiler.

Once installed, Geany is an ideal tool for those starting out in the world of programming. In addition, the compilation process is extremely simple, given that you just need to click on both buttons and the result will be seen directly in your chosen terminal. Geany stands out for its short loading times and a certain distinction from other programs when it comes to working.

If that wasn’t enough, the program constantly provides you with messages that help you discover potential errors, such as problems when compiling the code. It is, in short, an intuitive program that’s an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to have to deal with something that’s overly complex.


Geany is a GUI text editor that includes the most basic IDE functions


Supports the most commonly-used languages
Easy to set up
Simple yet comprehensive