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A complete text editor


Interprets the programming language, Lisp

Text editing tools


It has so many options that you need to consult the tutorial first

Emacs is a text editor that interprets the programming language, Emacs Lisp, and includes support for plain text editing. It has different editing modes for many file types and also includes several tools for writing in different spoken and programming languages.

Since it includes so many options and tools, the software comes with a full tutorial, allowing even novices to get the most out of it.


Emacs can be customized to your taste, using Emacs Lisp language or with a graphical interface. Among some of the customization options, it includes the ability to perform some tasks automatically, add new features or modify existing ones.

Extra tools

Emacs not only includes tools for text editing; it also has tools for planning projects; a newsreader, e-mail and RSS; a calendar, a debugger and many more options.

It has tools for compiling, startup, and testing of programs, and a file manager.

Extensions and portability

Emacs has a package system where you can download and install extensions, so you can customize it even further.

One of the most useful features of this software is that it is portable, so you can use it in any environment, retaining all of the features and configurations you’ve made, wherever you use it.


Emacs is a Lisp interpreter program, which includes a large number of text editing tools.


Interprets Emacs Lisp’s Lisp language
Text editing tools
Ability to write in other languages
Supports different programming languages