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An IDE program that is especially useful for programming in Java



Perfect for Java


A bit too complex for some

Eclipse is probably one of the most popular IDE programs on the web. It’s a free piece of open code software, so you won’t have to pay a penny. The software is an evolution of the VisualBasic program, and was created in 2011 thanks to the Eclipse Foundation. Since then, there’s been no looking back.

What can you do with Eclipse IDE? You can manage your workspaces, write, deploy code, and debug programs. Eclipse has a series of windows that communicate with each other in order to work with ease.

These types of tools are used to develop applications and Eclipse is the main choice when it comes to programming Java applications (although it’s also compatible with other languages such as C, C, C++, Fortran, JavaScript, Rust, Scheme, and so on). The program can broaden the possibilities thanks to various plugins, given that it’s designed for programming in Java.

The installation process is very straightforward, although the program itself takes a bit of effort to learn due to its multiple functions. When it comes to running it, you should first check that you have the required permissions.

The program has a syntactic analysis tool, version control, and wizards for the creation of projects, and it’s available in various languages such as: German, Russian, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Chinese, and Arabic.


The ideal tool for developing Java apps, available in various languages.


An enormous collection of plugins
Infinite possibilities
Real time compilation
Available in various languages

Eclipse IDE