Linux Development & Programming

Develop open code software with Eclipse


A large number of development tools for open source software

Store projects in the cloud


Although supports different languages, Java is where it focuses most

The long list of plugins can overwhelm

Eclipse is basically a hub of diverse projects for creating Integrated Development Environment (IDE) open source software. Eclipse lets you work with with Java IDE and EE, PHP and C / C ++.

Tools and Marketplace

This software has a large number of tools that can be easily installed on the Eclipse IDE desktop: tools for creating sketches, modelling, testing and reporting, as well as diagramming and creating graphical interfaces (GUI).

Eclipse has its own store in which you can find and install new plugins and vote for new ones to be including.

Create and modify

Through the PDE (Plug-in Development Environment) plugin you can create all the plugins you want from scratch, or modify the characteristics of them to create the IDE web you want. You can also combine different languages and other features in any of the default packages.

All your software in the cloud

Eclipse has a cloud storage service in which all the software your create is saved. You can also use the browser to develop software by using either the workstations directly, or installing desktop packages for working with Java and JavasScript, HTML and CSS.


Eclipse is a community where anyone can join up to collaborate on with creation and development of open source software.


Tools for creating open source software
Saved in the cloud
Store to purchase new plugins
Create your own plugins