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The ever popular cloud storage service for Linux


Use Dropbox within Linux environment

Simple interface


The Linux version doesn’t receive as many updates as the main version of Dropbox

Now you can install and use Dropbox if you you’re running the Linux operating system on your computer. There are several packages for Linux, depending on your distribution: mainly for Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora, but it is also possible to ‘compile from source code’ in the event that the distribution you use is not on the list.

How do you install it?

Start by downloading a package, which must be run through the script on your Linux terminal.  Once installation is complete, the program lets you create a Dropbox  account if you don’t yet have one, or use your own.

Dropbox for Linux has a simple and intuitive interface, from which you can view all shared folders and files. You can also see the synchronization status for each folder and file via the following symbols:

Green: file or folder is synced and up-to-date
Blue: synchronization in progress
Red: The file or folder cannot be synced

Configuration to fit your needs

The program has several configuration options, including the ability to unlink the current account you're using, change the folders that are synchronized, as well as to tweak the upload and download speed of files, among other options.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services going, and now you can download it on your Linux.


Dropbox perfectly functional in Linux
Upload and download files and folders
Configuration options