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The par excellence tool for editing digital negatives in Linux


Pro users will love darktable’s advanced features which are just as good as paid options.


Users coming to Linux from Windows or Mac may have some issues - nothing that a few minutes can’t solve, though.

Darktable is the most complete photo editing program for  Linux right now, specifically designed for working on RAW files and digital negatives, and with additional support for HDR, JPG and other formats.

Raw photography material

In our humble opinion (and we definitely aren’t pro photographers), darktable is every bit as good as Adobe Lightroom. And many pros will happily back us up.

Why? Because darktable is a photo editing program (note: not "image" but "photo") which is specially designed for work on RAW files. Its name is a combination of "dark room" and "light table", two of the basic elements present in traditional photos. It’s a powerful tool that facilitates workflow on a batch of photos, allowing you to import straight from your camera and make non-destructive edits to your RAW files.

Color, shape, effects

darktable is divided into different modules, each with different functions. At the time of reviewing the program, there were about 50 of them, each of which providing different tools.

Broadly speaking, darktable tools can be divided into "basic editing operations", "tone operations", "color operations", "correction modules, and "effects". The idea is to simply connect your camera to your computer, download pictures, crop, rotate and set the white balance, then move on to manipulation of light and colors, then apply filters and effects.

Open and free

Despite the usual difficulties that are often part and parcel of open software programs, many photographers are turning to darktable because it’s free and has versions for various operating systems (including Mac, but not Windows). The only thing missing is a module for printing, but it’s always possible to export the results to another program (GIMP, for example) and carry on from there.


darktable is a feature packed program offering a solid workflow that makes it easily as good as other paid options on the market.


Work on digital negatives
Compatible with RAW, HDR, and compressed formats.
Many tools
Supports basic and advanced editing operations
Great post-production effects