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The backup program that’s as apt for experts as it is beginners


Detects all files

Choose between free and paid versions

Easy to use


Somewhat slow

CrashPlan is the perfect program for making backup copies of your hard drives and recovering all the information you may have once considered lost. Thanks to its fantastic interface and collection of tools, CrashPlan is a great option for all types of users; from complete beginners to experienced experts.

Even though the process takes some time (depending on the number of files you want to secure), CrashPlan is able to detect all files, even those that other programs have been unable to find automatically The quality of the transfer is without a doubt one of the program’s strengths, despite the fact that it’s a little slow.

What versions are on offer? CrashPlan has four different versions. The first, free version allows you to make a backup copy and save it on other computers and devices, plus 30 days of online backup. The cloud backup plans are divided in two: individual ($5 a month) and family ($12.50 dollars for up to 10 computers). Finally, the Business version costs $10 a month per computer and, of course, includes both offline and online support.

What you have here is an extremely effective program that specializes in minute-by-minute online backup, without restriction when it comes to the size or storage of files. In terms of security, CrashPlan is safe—it uses 448-bit encryption.


CrashPlan lets you create backup copies simply, thanks to its excellent interface


448-bit encryption
4 different versions to choose from