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Clone disk images and make partitions quickly and easily


Protection against loss



Design is slightly unattractive

If you’ve ever lost all the information on your Linux, you’ll know what it feels like. The best way to prevent this kind of disaster is to get hold of a disk cloning and recovery program like Clonezilla. The program, developed in Taiwan, is available for Linux computers and is compatible with multiple computers at the same time.

CloneZilla has a basic interface that aims to be simple and fast to use. It doesn’t overcomplicate things, making it the perfect option for those who aren’t used to carrying out these sorts of processes. Having said that, don’t expect to find a modern, sleek design here.

CloneZilla is an alternative to open code, and a program that competes well against other programs that boast global recognition. In this case, the program has two different versions: Server Edition and Live. The former, as you might expect, needs to be installed on a server and is dedicated to duplicating the hard drives of computers connected to the network. Live, on the other hand, can be used with a USB or CD and needs to download the disk image in order to begin the process.

All in all this is an efficient tool with an intuitive process that makes it suitable for all types of user.


CloneZilla is a partition and disk cloning program that comes in two different versions.


Multicast support
2 versions: Server and Live
Straightforward process