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Claws Mail, a full and robust email client


It supports most current protocols and has good security features


Although very full, some features are not included by default, but must be installed via plugins

Claws Mail is an interesting email client, compatible with most Linux distributions. It also functions as a newsreader for Usenet, plus RSS and Atom feeds, making it one of the most widely used programs of its kind. 

Sending and receiving mail

Claws Mail lets you send and receive email with zero issues, since it supports POP3, IMAP and SMTP. It provides high-level security via SSL connection and GnuPG encryption, and includes a range of plugins to help you get even more out of it. No wonder Claws Mail is so popular among users.

The Claws Mail interface is neat and organized, with several customization options, and supports multiple email accounts.

News in the same place

Claws Mail also works as a great alternative newsreader. By default, it is configured to support Usenet, although is also compatible with RSS 1.0 and 2.0, and Atom, via plugins. So you can quickly check your emails and the latest news, all in the same interface.

Plugins and themes

Claws Mail has tons of plugins for you to personalize it to your needs, something which Linux users used to ‘building their own plugins’ will appreciate.

The interface, on face value, is a little bland and stripped back, but you can either download themes from the gallery, or customize the appearance of the buttons (in PNG format) or the full panels (in XPM) to pimp the look a little more.


Claws Mail is an email client that offers support for multiple email accounts, whilst doubling as a Usenet newsreader.


Email client
Supports multiple mail accounts
RSS news reader.
Supports POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP
Security via SSL and GnuPG
Usenet newsreader via NNTP

Claws Mail