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Choqok is synonymous with "microblogging for Linux"


Far more advanced than you may first think, and compatible with many other services and programs


Some ups and downs have led to some distrust in the community

In recent times, social networks have occupied an important place in our lives. Not just in terms of the most well known networks (where even Grandma has an account), but also in smaller networks for more niche interests. Choqok is a program that helps you make the most out of microblogging, providing tools to make it more slick and efficient.

Twitter and

Choqok is designed primarily to help you get the most out of and Twitter. Regarding the former, Choqok offers good integration, even if has stopped accepting new registrations to the service.
Twitter is definitely where you will get the most out of Choqok. While the development of the program was suspended for a while, it is now fully compatible with the latest versions of the Twitter API. You can see your timeline, visit user profiles, make mentions, reply to tweets and direct messages, etc. Nothing fancy, which is just fine by us.


Choqok integrates seamlessly with other programs on your computer. For example, you can configure it to launch a tweet when you change your status in Pidgin, Kopete, Skype and other messaging services. You can also use Choqok to throw out the typical "now listening" statuses for what you're listening to on Amarok, Banshee, VLC or Rhytmbox.

Choqok also integrates with web services like Twitpic or YFrog for previews of images to be posted on Twitter. It’s also possible to preview videos from YouTube and Vimeo, plus expand shortened URLs with different services to see where they come from. If you want Choqok to shorten URLs, it can do so for any of the 10 compatible services.


A complete and easy to use microblogging client, thanks to its replication of the many services it supports.


Microblogging client
Compatible with Twitter and (
View timeline and user profiles
Fast reply to mentions and direct messages
Supports multiple accounts simultaneously
Keyboard shortcuts available
URL shortener