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Managing, converting, and transferring eBooks is easy with Calibre


Free and multipurpose, so ideal to download and have to hand


With so many features, you might not get to grips with it as fully as you might like, or may miss out on advanced features

The advancement of the digital age has completely changed the way we consume information. We can happily place eBooks in this category: you might love the smell and feel of a hardback in your hand, but convenience has almost certainly convinced you into buying an eReader. Calibre is precisely the tool you need to manage your digital library.

The eBook organizer

You can do so much with this thoroughly versatile eBook manager. Just tell Calibre where your books are stored for it to immediately detect and analyze all of your eBook files: titles, authors, publication dates, etc., and even metadata (comments or tags, e.g.).

Calibre supports loads of different formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, PDF, TXT,  and AZW, plus comic formats including CBR and CBZ.

Not only can you use the program as a reader, but you can also use it to export all of your eBooks to your eReading devices, in whatever format they need to be in for you to be able to read them.

Synchronization and remote access

Calibre doesn't just stop at letting you read your eBooks - it also helps you export files and organize your library completely too. Just tell it what kind of eReader device you have (or let it detect that for you) and simply use the Calibre interface to drag books from your library straight to your device. eBook not in a format not supported by your device? Not to worry. Calibre will warn you and offer to convert it to a compatible format for you.

You can access all of your eBooks remotely via the Calibre servers, giving you a secure way to get your hands on your books, wherever you are.
All of that, and it’s free. Not bad, eh?


Calibre can perform a myriad of tasks with your eBooks, from acting as a reader, to converting your files, and syncing them across your different devices.


eBooks manager
eBook reader
Cool search tools
Converts to different formats
Syncs with your eReader devices
Embedded remote access server
Newsreader (newspapers, websites, RSS feeds, etc.).