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Create three-dimensional objects in an organized and straightforward way


Free and open software

Multiplatform and multifunctional


A little difficult to learn

Blender is a free program for designing 3D models that has been developed especially for artists and designers who want to create three-dimensional graphics with a high degree of detail and realism. The program includes a wide spectrum of tools, such as a video editor, digital painter, and procedural mode technique.

Despite it being a free and open program, Blender is perfectly comparable to other paid programs that boast advanced features.

In this instance, you have a program that’s somewhat complex, so you’ll need a bit of time to get used to the interface and tools. Once you’ve learned the finer details, Blender becomes a comprehensive and efficient solution to all your design activities.

The program has four graphic engines that power the presentation of 3D scenes, three of those pre-rendered and one in real time. Thanks to Blender you can work on each one of the different steps needed for the creation of three-dimensional elements; the program will accompany the user from the very beginnings of the model right through to the application of the movement engine.

In addition, with Blender you won’t just be able to create 3D models, but also access a games engine which allows developers to test out their video game designs.

What features does it come with?

Photorealistic rendering
Fast modelling
Realistic materials
Animation tools
Simulations, etc.


Create your own 3D graphics using lighting and correct modelling thanks to Blender


Video game development
Animation and reverse kinematics
Video and audio editor