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BitDefender is an extremely popular antivirus protection program, thanks to the excellent results of its evaluation test. It stands out because of its effectiveness in eliminating various threats, especially when compared to other programs.

Something to always bear in mind when choosing an antivirus program is how might it affect the computer’s performance. BitDefender works quickly and doesn’t slow the computer down when it’s in use, which is a great characteristic to have.

Aside from detecting known threats by way of its large database, BitDefender also examines files that are similar to other threats in order to capture new threats in good time, before they can do any damage. It takes no chances and will even mark ‘false positives’ to guarantee total security.

BitDefender doesn't just work with the files on your computer, but also while you browse the internet, alerting you to suspicious sites that may appear in Google search results or even before you click on dangerous links.

As you might expect, BitDefender has various products each with different properties depending on your personal needs: Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security, and BitDefender Box. Choose the right one for you and have it up and running a matter of minutes.


BitDefender is a protection suite that brings you the best antivirus software and ensures that Linux is always protected.


Highly effective
Huge database
Rescue mode