Linux Audio

A powerful music and video player for Linux


Listen to music and video playback, with many extra options and synchronization between devices


No updates for a long time

With Banshee you can play all kinds of multimedia content both on your computer with Linux system, and by syncing with any other device. Add files directly to a device, or import from them.

Don’t miss any new releases

With Banshee you have access to different online radio stations and podcasts to keep you up-to-date with the newest music, artists, albums and podcasts.

You also have the possibility to buy music via direct access to the Amazon MP3 store.


You can create playlists to your liking, adding any music, videos and even podcasts you like. You also have the option for playlists to be automatically updated with any  tracks that match artists, albums, etc, already contained within a list.

You can create queues manually or automatically, and of course, hit the shuffle button for random play.

Other features

Banshee has many other interesting features to enhance your experience:

• File organizer that categorizes all content automatically
• A quick search to locate any file in your library
• Bookmark songs, videos and podcasts for quick access to them later
• A mini window with basic playback controls and file information
• Support for audiobooks and audio CDs
• Find album art for songs that don’t have them


Banshee is a complete multimedia organizer and player.


Plays audio, video and audiobooks
Access podcasts and radio stations online
File Organizer
Purchase music in the Amazon store