Linux Audio

Easily create and edit audio files


Very complete program for creating and editing audio files, tons of options

Easy to use


Program can sometimes close without warning, but you have the option to recover files you were working on

With Audacity you’ll discover a powerful program with many options and tools to edit any audio track, create one from scratch, and record live audio. Keyboard shortcuts make a smooth process even speedier.

Import and export different audio formats

You can import audio files and combine them. Audacity works with most best known file types, and can both import and export the following formats: .MP3, .WAV, .FLAC, .WMA, .OGG, AIFF, .AAC, among others.

Create, cut, paste, edit

Audacity includes tons of tools for editing audio tracks. You can create a file from scratch, record live audio through a microphone, and more. The audio you record can be edited before, during and after the recording, so you can modify it as you go along.

This software supports multitrack recording, ie, can use as many tracks as you like and even add them to an existing file. You can cut, copy, paste, and easily delete, and control exactly which second or minute you want to make changes to.

Neverending effects

Audacity includes a huge number of different effects, and also includes an effects manager that lets you add or remove sound effect plugins. Among the most prominent features are the ability to:

• Change the tempo and tone, and reduce noise
• Change the frequency using the equalizer and add or reduce the bass
• Tweak volume settings, to normalize or amplify the audio
• Crossfade to eliminate cuts between audio tracks
• Fade in/out
• Reduce and isolate voices, add echo etc
• And much, much more...


Audacity is an incredibly complete audio program for creating and editing audio tracks.


Creation and edition of sound files
Import and export in multiple audio formats
Compatible with multiple audio formats
Sound effects
Live recording