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Get quick and easy access to millions of free songs with Atraci


Huge catalog puts it ahead of the crowd, and you don’t have to download anything to your hard disk either


No offline mode

Atraci is a dream player: it boast a huge catalog of songs and asks for nothing in return.

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Atraci’s developers say that the song catalog is way into the millions. That’s because what the program actually does is play sounds from YouTube, offering you tons of choice, and saving you the hassle of having to open your browser to find songs one by one. Hence a much more lightweight option.

Another reason why Atraci is light is because the song information (artist, album, cover, etc.) is obtained from Last.FM, iTunes and Soundcloud. Added to that, Atraci has no ads, doesn’t make you register, and doesn’t force you to download anything on your computer.

Put your money away

What’s really interesting about Atraci is that it offers million of songs at zero cost. But nothing in life is free. And the price you pay with Atraci is not ads or having to register, but a generally lower sound quality. It ‘makes up’ for this by letting you watch the music vid should you wish.

This is basically because, since YouTube is it’s music source, sound quality relies on the quality of user uploads to YouTube, which we know is not always unquestionably high. But nothing is ‘unlistenable: Atraci is a great free service and that’s all we want.


Atraci is a thoroughly modern music player: versatile, light, free, and with access to millions of songs.


Music player
Uses YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud and
Variable sound quality
Also plays video
Doesn’t occupy much space, songs not downloaded