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Rediscover your music, and find new songs you’ll love


One of the most exquisite interfaces in the Linux world, with practical organization of the various panels that make up this player


The alerts are a bit annoying, but you can make them disappear should you wish

Amarok has been around for a good while now, continually offering a unique way of listening to music. The latest versions offer impressive integration with all kinds of web services, making it even better than before.

All-in-one interface

Amarok came about because its first developer, Mark Kretschmann, was not very happy with usability of XMMS. Hence Amarok’s simple interface, divided into two panels for speedy and practical organization of songs into artist, album, genre, and interest.

In the latest versions of Amarok there are more panels, which can be configured in different ways, but the idea is to be able to display extra song info, lyrics, etc.

The Internet is your oyster

Extra song info, lyrics, album cover art, and much more can be obtained from the net. Amarok also allows you to connect with, The Echo Nest, Magnatune, Librivox, Jamendo, and many other similar services.

Huge catalogs of music

Amarok’s ability to manage Web services with a huge volume of songs makes it a very versatile program. It also supports various music formats (with the exception of those protected by DRM), is able to import databases from previous versions of Amarok or iTunes, and even allows you to place markers in segments of your songs to mark your favorite bits. All this makes Amarok a headline act for any music lover with an extensive music collection.


Amarok is one of the most complete and interesting players out there, which dazzles with its interface, and delivers excellent sound quality.


Music player
Integration with web services
Unique and useful interface
Many formats supported
Sync with portable devices
Edit playlists and tags