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With AbiWord, you can write freely, without sacrificing productivity or disk space


Plugins offer a good way to expand the capacity and compatibility of AbiWord


Although compatible with many programs, some users may miss the "suite" style of other processors like LibreOffice

There are people that are solely interested in writing. Purely and simply writing. And that’s the spirit of AbiWord: a program that doesn’t boast extra bells and whistles, but offers your stripped back and efficient writing tools to get the job done.

Expanded support

One of AbiWord’s strongest features is its compatibility with different formats, making it ideal for creating formatted text that can be easily exported, and importing from different sources.

AbiWord supports Word and WordPerfect documents, as well as RTF, HTML and ODT. Imagine you need to use documents straight from a server: AbiWord has the ability to operate via command lines, allowing you to create, convert or print documents straight from a network environment (taking data from a CSV, for example). It also has dictionary for more than 30 languages, and supports other alphabets besides western once (Arabic and Hebrew, for example).

AbiWord also has lots of plugins to increase the program's compatibility with certain types of images, and convert to different formats.

The basics

Not all plugins and dictionaries are installed by default in AbiWord, in order to keep it as lightweight as possible. Some folks might be used to more featured-packed office suites like LibreOffice, but if simplicity is what you’re after, you’ll struggle to find better than AbiWord.


AbiWord is a processor with simplicity at its heart; but that doesn’t mean that it lacks functionality. No sir.


Simple word processor
Compact and simple interface
Support for plugins
Compatible with multiple formats, languages, and programs
Lots of professional resources