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Pocket KillBox is available for your Mac (you will need VirtualBox in order to launch it)

This download includes both the latest versions of VirtualBox and Pocket KillBox

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File management

Pocket KillBox is one of those applications that, despite the fact it offers not that many functions, the ones that it actually has are extremely useful. In this case, the programme is just an application used to delete those files that refuse to be deleted for ever.

Many times, Windows works with programmes that after being uninstalled leave some files. If those files are loaded in the start process, the systems use them, and that is why when you want to delete them the system refuses to do so stating that those files “are being used”. So, what Pocket KillBox does is to mark those files to be deleted after restarting Windows.

Pocket KillBox is light, and makes those “rebel” files disappear, solving the problems of a faulty uninstalling.
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