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Have you always dreamt of being the coach of your favourite team? Now in Cyberfoot 2007, all decision-making lies in your hands. Choose the best players to form part of your team, study the most proper game strategies for each moment, and decide the structure of each game.

Cyberfoot 2007 brings you the chance of being in charge of your team’s management and financing. You are the one buying and selling football superstars.

Cyberfoot 2007 is a videogame whose objective isn’t to score goals and carry out good moves, but to achieve management skills and be the best strategist to lead your team toward victory.

More than 300 teams and 6000 players who participate in the leagues from Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal. In Cyberfoot 2007 you will struggle to reach the Champions League, the UEFA Cup and other international competitions.
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