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Age of Mythologyis one of the best strategy games in real time, in which you will have to play the role of several mythological creatures to fight with their divine powers.

The game is mainly based on Greek mythology but it recovers contributions from other cultures and legends. The objective is to go through each of the four Ages: Archaic, Classic, Heroic and Mythic. Gods, Cyclopes and Minotaurs will be your game mates.

Organize your subjects, combat with your armies, create fortresses, obtain resources and build temples. In this way you will fulfill the missions entrusted to you.

In this exciting three dimension game, you will have the opportunity to handle 27 minor and 9 major gods, each of them with its particular mythic units and divine powers. Besides, with Age of Mythology you will be able to participate in a multiplayer match via internet and to be the protagonist of at least 35 campaigns.

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