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Everest Ultimate Edition 5.01 is available for your Mac (you will need VirtualBox in order to launch it)

This download includes both the latest versions of VirtualBox and Everest Ultimate Edition

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Analysis & Optimization

Want to possess the most detailed information of your PC? Be it any information about your computer components, software and look for an optimal configuration for your system?

Everest Ultimate Edition is what you are looking for. It is a program that will assist to evaluate all the features you want from your computer, providing detailed information on all hardware and software installed on the PC.

Everest conducts an extensive and detailed analysis of the system, showing virtually every aspect of the system relating to hardware, software, network configuration and more. It provides all the information obtained in a report organized in a tree structure. Here the various elements evaluated are ranked, as well as show the information of the elements, if possible, provides links to Web manufacturers for more information or to download the latest drivers or controls.

These reports can be saved with the data you want in an HTML or TXT file, which you can print or email.

Everest gives you accurate information on the processor, motherboard, memory, OS, active processes, DLL in use, shared folders, and users, configuring LAN and Internet, software, audio and video configuration, hardware installed and a lot more information.

Everest Ultimate Edition has a pair of extra tools, such as a program to check the memory, for testing performance, and others.

Necessary Requirements:
Operating System: Win95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
RAM: 128 MB

Restrictions on Trial Version:
Some features are disabled. It displays a recorded message.
This is the version for users, which you can use for 30 days.

Latest Changes:
• Support for Intel Core 2
• Detailed information on optical drives
• Temperature of SCSI and SAS discs
• Support for Logitech LCD keyboards
• Information on CrossFire nVidia SLI
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