Download Firefox Portable for free


Firefox Portable 47.0.1 is available for your Mac (you will need VirtualBox in order to launch it)

This download includes both the latest versions of VirtualBox and Firefox Portable

Free (GPL)
91.35 Mb

Firefox Portable is one of the powerful and useful new applications FireFox has launched on the Web.

Now, with this tool, you will be able to transport one of the world’s most famous Internet browsers wherever you want it.

Firefox Portable has the same options than the previously launched browsers, but with the additional advantage of not needing any installation. Thanks to this, it could be saved on any portable device and carried around with no problems.

This tool becomes very useful for all those people who work on the internet from different places and like to keep their configurations with them at all times. Apart from being portable, the programme has the option to configure features like home pages, favourites, extensions and some other things.

Firefox Portable is a striking application worth trying.
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